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The Andiamo Payroll Program offers a full-service back-office suite for firms who would like to onboard pre-identified resources. Our service-first model provides an exceptional onboarding and resource management solution.

 What we offer

A fully customizable payroll service supporting any number of resources in either a W2 or Independent Contractor capacity.  Client specific paperwork & contract execution, background verification screening, timesheet management and invoicing are all done by a single point of contact, allowing effortless onboarding for your pre-identified talent.

What you get

You will retain a single point of contact backed by a full staff to provide fully customizable human resource services.  Our payroll team will manage your bespoke package from inception.  Examples of traditional services include background verification, Affordable Care Act compliance, insurance, health, 401k benefits and W2 processing, but our services are limitless.  If it’s part of your onboarding process, we can do it.


Our proven track record has propelled us to become one of the leading payroll partners for technology industry leaders.  Let us provide your business a time-saving and cost effective contingent workforce solution. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Our industry-leading payroll professionals are experts in designing packages that fit your business while maintaining a seamless onboarding and resource management experience.

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