Tatyana Harold
Corporate Sponsorship and Membership Sales Support Intern

Tatyana Harold

Tatyana Harold

Corporate Sponsorship and Membership Sales Support Intern

17 State Street, 8th floor
New York, NY 10004

(646) 277-2266


“Tough times never last but tough people do.” - Robert H. Schiuller

Hi! My name is Tatyana, and I am 22-years young! I was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey and I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration from Rutgers University – Newark! Since beginning the coursework for my MPA, I have a new and growing passion for HR management, especially in Talent Acquisition, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Training & Development. I have always wanted to travel the world since young, as I love people and I want to create new companions from different walks of life and cultures. With that being said, please feel free to reach out to me for anything (from help to just normal chats), because I love to connect with people in general!

Academic Background:


B.S. Criminal Justice, Rutgers University

M.A. in Public Administration, Rutgers University



Traveling, writing (creative, poetry, short stories), playing games (both video games and board games), re-watching old movies and TV shows, discovering new music

Share 3 fun facts about yourself:


I can say/sing the alphabet backwards, I am a Libra, and I taught myself how to swim at 9 years old at summer camp!

What’s your favorite movie or TV show?


This is tricky because I have so many! But a movie that I can never get tired of re-watching is the Gattaca and a TV show that I can re-watch whenever is Degrassi (from the Junior High series to the Next class series).

What technology innovation made the most impact on your life?


Honestly, I want to personally thank Nathaniel Baldwin for creating headphones. I love to listen to music, but it’s something about having a music session alone with your headphones that just allows you to hear any and every little instrument, note, and feeling an artist had when recording the song. Growing up, I had trouble communicating my thoughts and feelings out of fear that no one cared or wanted to listen. Music became one of my ways of feeling heard, of knowing that someone else may be feeling or thinking exactly what I’m feeling or thinking.

How would your friends describe you?


My friends would describe me as an outgoing teddy-bear that enjoys all things aesthetically pleasing or nostalgic with a part-time job as a therapist.

What did you want to be when you were 5?


When I was 5, I wanted to be a teacher. My mother was a teacher, and from young, I thought that teachers were the smartest people you could ever know. I’ve always loved knowledge and education and I wanted to be the smartest so becoming a teacher seemed like the ideal and only career for me at 5 years old.

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