Brendan Carty
Technology Talent Acquisition Specialist

Brendan  Carty

Brendan Carty

Technology Talent Acquisition Specialist

17 State Street, 8th floor
New York, NY 10004

(646) 490-9251

As a New York Jets fan, I have learned what success looks like from witnessing repeated failure.

Brendan was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, and graduated
Villanova University in 2019. Upon graduating Villanova, Brendan entered the world
of politics and began managing county and city wide political campaigns. While he
loved the thrill of campaigning, Brendan decided to leave politics with a career
campaign record of 3-0.

Brendan has taken that work ethic and enthusiasm to recruiting. His favorite part
of recruiting is helping exciting companies connect with motivated candidates to
help both reach their potential.

Academic Background:

B.A. Political Science, Villanova University


Classic rock, Villanova Basketball, reading, current events, and coffee.

What technology innovation made the most impact on your life?

Spotify! No more buying songs off iTunes for $1.29 or
downloading .Zip files from

What did you want to be when you were 5?

A cast member on Saturday Night Live.

What is one thing you have never gotten over?

The Kardashian Clan reserved a table at the restaurant I served
at, in my section! I cleared my whole section of tables so they would have plenty of
room. Then they cancelled because they said the wind would ruin their
hair. The Kardashians stood me up!

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