What We Are Up Against
Women hold only 5% of leadership positions in Tech
African American's are the most underrepresented group among tech executives (Black – 0%, Latino – 1.3%, Asian – 18.2%, White 76.3)
The LatinX community makes up only 3.1% of Tech Leaders
Computer Science graduates by percentage has decreased for women (1985 - 37%, 2017 - 19%)
Last year female founders brought in just 2.2% of US Venture Capital dollars
63% of the time women receive lower salary offers for the same exact job as their male colleagues
What We Know
Companies with a woman on the founding team are outperforming all-male companies by 63%
Diversity efforts could net the IT industry an extra $400 B in revenue each year
Diverse teams are more innovative and creative, and employees are happier
Our Mission
Aligning the top 2% of tech talent with companies committed to Diversity & Inclusion
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