The Leader in Diversity Recruiting

The Leader in Diversity Recruiting

Build Diverse Teams, Create Inclusion & Belonging

We partner with companies that are committed to building high-performing, diverse and inclusive technology teams. As the leading diversity & inclusion search firm with over 10 years of experience and insight, we help clients discover and attract diverse technology talent, create robust talent pipelines, and build creative, innovative and inclusive technology teams.

Delivering Diverse Talent

We specialize in creating and delivering custom diversity recruiting solutions to help industry-leading startups and large public tech firms scale their tech divisions. By recognizing and listening to our client's commitment to creating inclusive workplaces, we deliver a highly curated pipeline of technologists from underrepresented backgrounds including Black, Latinx, Women, and LGBTQ.

Diversity Recruiting Solutions

Build a Talent Pipeline

Executive Search

Diversity Hiring Events

Access a consistent stream of high-performing and diverse technology professionals.

We provide dedicated teams of experienced, certified Diversity Technology Recruiters who deliver pipelines of thoroughly vetted candidates from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds, including Black, Latinx, Women, and LGBTQ.

Our Trusted Partners

From globally recognized brands to agile startups, we partner with cutting edge companies to discover and engage with and hire the world’s best technologists

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