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Our strategic alliances with elite companies illustrate the high level of trust our clients place in the quality of our services.

Our experience in providing business solutions through human capital extends to a wide range of organizations.

By partnering with Andiamo, clients gain access to our nationwide database of more than 200 million professionals with a wide variety of expertise.

We’re with you for the long haul. We build long-standing, mutually trusting and beneficial relationships. We take on new clients to the extent that we’re able to provide them with the same careful, thorough care we show our long-term partners, firms we’ve been with since the naissance of our organization.

Andiamo has recruited over 100 of the top Software Engineers, Data Scientists, UX/UI Designers, SDMs, SDEs and Architects for Amazon via our game-changing, data-driven recruiting process. Amazon Case Study

Goldman has relied on Andiamo's data driven approach to deliver over 200 of the world's top Software Engineers, Architects, Data Scientists and DevOps Engineers. Goldman Case Study

Andiamo is the top-rated staffing partner for over 30 elite tech startups across the country. We meet our client staffing needs by finding the best and brightest Sales Professionals, Full Stack Developers, Software Engineers, Big Data Engineers, SRE, Technical Project Managers, and Mobile Developers. Startup Case Study

Andiamo is the top-rated staffing partner for over 30 elite hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, and buy-side investment companies across the country. We work with our clients to deliver the world's best Software Engineers, Reliability Systems Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, Quantitative Software Engineers, Electronic Algorithmic Traders, and more. Hedge Fund Case Study

Top technology recruiting vendor for Audible. Andiamo is successful in recruiting Software Development Engineers, Development Managers, Data Engineers, Technical Project Managers, Senior Technology Executives and SDETs.

MasterCard has relied on Andiamo's data driven approach to build their new Silicon Alley office in New York where they are recruiting a team of over 100 cutting edge technologists for new mobile development projects.

Preferred recruiting vendor for Flatiron Health - a major Google Backed Venture ($130M in Venture Funding). Flatiron is powering the most advanced cloud-based software to support the continuum of cancer care. Andiamo is helping to build their cutting-edge technology team in New York.

Exclusive recruiting partner of HavenLife, a firm backed and wholly owned by MassMutual. HavenLife is revolutionizing the life insurance industry - "If life insurance could start over, this is what it would be." Andiamo is helping build this startup based in New York City.

Preferred technology recruiting partner for TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site. Andiamo is helping build TripAdvisor's cutting-edge technology teams in Needham, MA and across the country.

Preferred technology recruiting vendor since 2004. Andiamo has successfully placed 100+ technology professionals at Morgan Stanley in various locations & divisions.

Preferred technology recruiting vendor since 2004. Andiamo has been successful in recruiting top technology talent for various divisions & for various locations throughout North America.

Preferred technology recruiting vendor since 2006. Andiamo is successful in recruiting senior level technologists for JPMorgan Chase in various locations & divisions.

“In a very short time they established themselves by far as the most productive vendor, demonstrating not only a strong recruiting pipeline, but excellent industry knowledge and integrity and a common sense approach to problem solving.”
- Technology Recruiting Manager, Amplify Education

“I have worked with Andiamo while in my last two firms and they have always done a great job. This is the most impressive due to the fact that they have been successful in both the financial and technology industries. I would highly recommend Andiamo.”
- Senior Technology Recruiter, Amazon.com

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Andiamo for nearly 10 years. They have been able to respond to my business needs on a moment’s notice and provide great insight to help me and my customers perform better. I would recommend Andiamo to any business.”
- Senior HR Manager, HSBC

“I would highly recommend Andiamo to anyone! They have been our best vendor for as long as I have been here [5 years]. They’re dependable and have high integrity. Not only do they understand us, but they present candidates in a way that helps us understand the whole picture - motivations, compensation, relevant skills, etc. ”
- Vice President, Technology Recruiting, Goldman Sachs

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