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Zero Sum Game: Competing for FinTech Talent - Recruiting & Hiring in the Financial Services Landscape

Competing for FinTech Talent

Andiamo created a detailed reserach project with the purpose of providing insight into the financial services technology hiring landscape.  The information provided may prove useful to HR professionals, Technical Recruiters and Technology Hiring Managers as they seek to compete for information technology talent in an aggressive and evolving market.  This information is the product of many years of internal research by Andiamo’s Research Division.  We are now providing this information to be used by our clients and their peers.     

All of the information included in this report was obtained from public, reliable data sources.  We have used reasonable endeavors to ensure that the information provided in this document is accurate and up to date as at the time of issue. The primary sources are listed on pages 15-16.  

This initial quarterly report seeks to compare key factors among companies in finance, insurance and market data as well as hedge funds and private equity firms.  Some of the comparative information includes: annual change in job openings; average IT base salaries; technologies used in application development and database environments; percentage of employees working in information technology and percentage of employees from Ivy League or top 10 ranked Computer Science Universities; organizational structure and bonus announcement and payout dates.      

Some of the most insightful information is found in the Company Comparison & Overview section (page 3) where we show a side-by-side comparison of each company as well as a report displaying the 2 year change in job openings and demand for technologies & skill sets

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