Our Approach

Our Approach

Andiamo’s Data-driven recruiting approach

Delivering the top 2% of tech talent

Discovering Talent

Andiamo's comprehensive discovery process ensures that our clients only see the 2% of technology talent most suitable to their needs

Curating Experts

Our experienced recruiters work to understand our client's unique hiring needs and present a highly curated pipeline of proven engineering talent.

Fast Delivery

With each candidate profile we present all of the information needed to ensure a smooth hiring process. The average candidate submission-to-hire timeline is 14 days.


Our Approach

Our team will help find and deliver the best and brightest technologists in the world. From candidate review and assessment to successful interviewing and placement, our team’s approach helps make key hires for the best technology brands in the world.


We recognize our clients’ unique technology needs and identify candidates who bring the right set of cutting-edge tech skills.



From large tech brands to agile startups, Andiamo discovers the brightest minds from the world’s best companies and engages them on behalf of our clients.



We evaluate all information relevant to a smooth hiring process. Our detailed human touch allows us to deliver a highly vetted pool of the top candidates.



Our team guides candidates through a smooth hiring process to help build the best teams at the worlds most trusted brands.


Finding the Right Talent

We actively recruit the best and brightest technology candidates in the industry. From well-known brands to cutting-edge startups, our team specializes in recruiting technologist with high caliber backgrounds to meet your company’s hiring needs

Elite Candidates

We deliver on a variety of niche roles to help startups and large corporations with their hiring needs and fill talent gaps.

Software Engineers

Fullstack Engineers

Mobile Engineers

UX/UI Engineers


NLP Experts

DevOps Engineers

Data Engineers

Frontend Engineers

QA Engineers

Product Managers

Machine Learning

Software Architects

Database Admins

Project Managers

Talent from Top Universities

Our candidates hold degrees in computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, and electrical engineering from top computer science schools across the country.

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