Andiamo Hiring Week

 Annual Software Engineer Hiring Week

January 15-19, 2018

New York, NY

Meet with elite software engineers from companies like Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Uber, Yahoo and the top New York area start-ups & global tech firms. 

Andiamo is coordinating a hiring week to provide top technology companies in NYC with an organized and efficient way to evaluate and engage with in-demand engineers.

Andiamo has recruited and vetted over 500 software engineers from the world’s top companies and computer science programs who are interested in opportunities in NYC.  These engineers have committed to being available for technical screens between January 8-12 and will be available for on-site final interviews the week of January 15-19. 

This exclusive hiring week will help the top tech companies in NYC find elite tech talent by year-end and will be limited to 10 participating companies.

Process & Timeline:


          To find out more or to apply to participate, please contact us. Limit of 10 companies.

             January 2 - 5:  Candidate selection and evaluation 

  • Access and review over 500 vetted, pre-screened Software Engineers and decide who you would like to engage with.
  • Each candidate profile includes comprehensive information (updated resume, motivation for leaving & looking, work history, technical specialties, location, relocation, I-9 status, desired compensation).

              January 8 - 12:  First-round candidate screening by companies

  • Select which of the elite software engineers you’d like to meet on-site (coordination and scheduling of phone screens, Skype meetings, HackerRank/Coderpad interviews, etc.).

            January 15 - 19:  On-Site Final Interviews

  • In-house interviews scheduled and coordinated by Andiamo.

                  Cost Structure:  Simple Contingency.  No cost unless hires are made from the event.

  • We follow a traditional contingency model. We charge 25% of the hired candidate's first-year base salary with a 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days.


Overview of engineers attending:


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