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16.5 million candidate profiles analyzed monthly


16.5 million detailed candidate profiles in our database

Candidate interview acceptance rate


Candidate interview acceptance rate

Interviews per hire


Interviews per hire

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Average days to hire

Successful placements


Successful placements

Delivering Results

Andiamo has recruited over 100 of the top Software Engineers, Data Scientists, UX/UI Designers, SDMs, SDEs and Architects for Amazon via our game-changing, data driven recruiting process. Amazon Case Study

Andiamo has helped Bloomberg recruit over 200 of the world's top Software Engineers, Developers and Architects. Our data driven recruiting model has helped us become Bloomberg's #1 technology recruiting vendor & preferred recruiting partner. Bloomberg Case Study

Andiamo is helping build HBO's cutting edge technology teams for HBO Media and Digital Products in New York and Seattle. Our revolutionary approach has enabled us to maintain the level of preferred recruiting partner. HBO Case Study

Goldman has relied on Andiamo's data driven approach to deliver over 200 of the world's top Software Engineers, Architects, Data Scientists and DevOps Engineers. Goldman Case Study

Andiamo is the top-rated staffing partner for over 30 elite tech startups across the country. We meet our client staffing needs by finding the best and brightest Full Stack Developers, Software Engineers, Big Data Engineers, SRE, Technical Project Managers, and Mobile Developers. Startup Case Study

Andiamo is the top-rated staffing partner for over 30 elite hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and buy-side investment companies across the country. We work with our clients to deliver the world's best Software Engineers, Reliability Systems Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, Quantitative Software Engineers, Electronic Algorithmic Traders, and more. Hedge Fund Case Study

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Why should I use Andiamo?

Growing businesses need the best technology talent. Andiamo delivers a highly vetted and curated pool of the top 2% of technology candidates. With exclusive partnerships and a sophisticated data management system, we mine and curate massive amounts of data from disparate sources including LinkedIn, StackOverflow, GitHub, Twitter, among others to bring you the top passive candidates.

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Who are your candidates?

We actively recruit Software Engineers, Developers, Architects & Managers, as well as UX/UI Engineers, Mobile Developers, SDETs, Database Developers, Database Administrators, QA Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Systems Engineers/Admins, Business Analysts, Product Managers, and Project Managers with proven experience at the world's top technology companies.

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How do you make money?

We follow a traditional contingency model. We charge 25% of the hired candidate's first year base salary with a 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days.

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